Meet Gabe. He is one of the founders of Gabe's Gourmet Foods.

The heart and imagination of an entrepreneur or an inventor can never be quelled. The idea to make a salad dressing began in 1968 when the company’s founders, Gabe and Margaret, started making the salad dressing and marinade as a unique holiday gift at their home in Walla Walla, WA.

Over the past 55+ years, the Gabe's Gourmet Foods products have transitioned from bottled liquid products to convenient and versatile dry spices, meat rub, dressing and marinade products. There are two spice blends: Gabe's Original Dressing & Marinade Spices and Mama's Mediterranean Spices. Each blend is loaded with premium ingredients that combine perfectly for a variety of culinary uses.

As you can imagine, after sharing more than 55 Years of Gabe's Gourmet Goodness with customers and fanatics around the globe, our products and Gabe have a loyal following. Try our products and become the next Gabe's Gourmet Fanatic

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