It takes an entire family to launch a business

We are thrilled you have added Gabe’s Gourmet Foods products to your pantry and kitchen!

It has taken several years to bring the Gabe’s Gourmet Foods products back to customers and Gabe’s Gourmet Fanatics. After my Mom’s cancer diagnosis, the company was on hiatus. We started talking with Dad, more than a year ago, about how to make the spice products available to customers and Fanatics again. Since then, we’ve been working out the details of how and when to relaunch the Gabe’s Gourmet Foods products.

For those who have launched a business, you know the level of care and attention to details it requires. Some might think that launching an online business is faster and easier than opening up an actual storefront, but I’m not sure I would agree. What we can say is that we have learned A LOT!

Families are cooking at home more than ever right now and for the foreseeable future. Spices are a key ingredient to making our home cooked meals taste delicious and memorable. Our two amazing spice products are versatile because they are more than simply one spice. They are perfect 50 year spice blends that are a delicious enhancement to many of your own cherished recipes.

When our parents started making the salad dressing as a creative and unique holiday gift for family and friends in 1968, they could not have imagined that the products would someday be made available online for all to enjoy. Our Dad, Gabe, is so thrilled to be sharing these products with you, especially at this time of year. Please take time to view the “Meet Gabe” and “Our Company” videos to get know Gabe, the company’s story and our family.

We have worked together as a family to bring Dad and Mom’s company and products back to loyal and new customers to enjoy in your own homes and kitchens. We are a family that values traditions, great food and being together. Many major decisions have been made over a family meal, and making our products available to you was a conversation that has taken place over many meals over many months. In fact, I think I may have gained a few pounds making decisions this past year!

We look forward to being part of your family meals, holidays, annual traditions, parties, events and gift-giving activities this year and for many years to come.

Please let us know how you are using our products and share your recipes and photos with us at

The Gabe’s Gourmet Foods Family

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