Holiday Happiness + Family + Food = Bliss

When we gather as a family, something special happens. It’s a shared experience that has been fostered and nurtured over the years, decades and our lifetimes.


The holidays naturally bring us together. We (my husband and adult children) have not lived in the same town as our parents or our siblings for more than 35 years now. We travel at the holidays and on special occasions to be with our parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. Our tribe is blessedly large, but scattered throughout the United States.


Last year was hard for everyone. We basically skipped a year of togetherness. We are meant to be with those we cherish the most. Holidays, celebrations and even farewells are sweeter when we are together.


This holiday season, our wish for you is that you are safe, healthy and with family, one person or 20 people, but together in some way, somewhere. We will be with one branch of our family. Our immediate family will be with each other in various locations around the nation for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is a good thing and we feel very fortunate that it is possible.


From our family to yours, may you enjoy delicious food, amazing company, laughter, lots of hugs, smooth travels and much love during this holiday season! May the time you spend together be a blessing.



Three generations of the Gabe’s Gourmet Foods Family

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