Grilling & Outdoor Dining Season is Here: Get Your Grilling Mindset On!

Grilling With Gabe's & Mama's 

The onset of spring, flowers, green grass, the sound of birds in the early morning and the blooming lilacs in our yard are a sure sign spring has arrived in the Pacific Northwest and summer is coming soon!

Did you know that Spokane, WA is officially The Lilac City? We will soon have an abundance of lilacs in our yard, around our deck and throughout our beautiful city. The smell of lilacs reminds me so profoundly of our amazingly talented and creative mother. Mom loved flowers of all types and especially the early bloom of lilacs.

The Mama’s Mediterranean Spices blend was her creation and every time I use the spices I think of my mother Margaret. She loved to cook and loved to entertain. Our two versatile blended, multi-ingredient spices were created and perfected by our Founder Gabe (aka Dad), who we now refer to as “The O.G.” The Original Gabe, and our Mama (aka Margaret/Mom), knew what they were doing when they developed these perfectly curated and versatile blended spices.

Everyone loves perfectly seasoned grilled meats, vegetables, fish and seafood. There’s no spice more versatile and ideally suited for any type of meat, fish, seafood or vegetables than Gabe’s Original or Mama’s Mediterranean. As a meat rub, dry spice or marinade, these packets pack a powerful blend of spices that make you the Grill Master! 

Check our dozens of recipes on the Gabe’s Gourmet Foods Recipes page of the website to find our most popular grilling recipes.

Put on your sunglasses. Get your grill ready. Try something new. Be creative. Be bold. Make it delicious. And keep Gabe’s Gourmet Foods Spices on hand to generously drizzle, dip, sprinkle, rub and pour onto your grilled masterpieces!

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Keep eating boldly and deliciously with more than 50 Years of Gabe’s Gourmet Goodness in every bite!

~ The Gabe’s Gourmet Foods Family ~

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