Bring the Summer Culinary Sizzle with Gabe’s and Mama’s Spices

Summer means a lot of different things to people. For most, it means no school, fun in the sun and summer travel.


Our mom was a schoolteacher, so she had the summer’s “off.” Dad was a college administrator, which meant he did not, but we still managed to fit in some camping, canning, garden harvesting and plenty of time with friends while growing up in our small town of Walla Walla, WA.


Now, as adults with adult children, we still want to live summer to fullest. For us that means grilling, sitting on our deck and in our serenity garden, harvesting our gardens, travelling, spending time with our friends and enjoying the longer, warmer days of summer sunshine. Not too different from when we were kids!


We’re grilling and eating salads a lot more in summer. We’re also eating outside a lot more this time of year. We celebrated Father’s Day last month (we cooked a feast; see our social media posts). We are so thankful for our amazing, entrepreneurial Dad/Gabe. He is the best – that’s why there are Gabe’s Gourmet Fanatics around the globe!


As a second-generation family-owned business, Gabe’s Gourmet Foods has a tradition of providing excellent products that include premium, curated ingredients. For 53 years, we’ve been perfecting blended spices that are versatile, bold, distinctive and delicious.


We want to know our customers and see how they are using Gabe’s Original Dressing & Marinade Spices and Mama’s Mediterranean Spices on their own recipes. Please send us your photos, stories, videos and recipes at We appreciate being invited into your home, restaurant kitchens and retail stores.


Dad and I spent the July 4th holiday together in Walla Walla and delivered lot of Gabe’s Gourmet Foods spices to loyal retail partners in the area. We also took a road trip adventure to northeast Oregon and enjoyed a great day doing fun things. The photo above is of Dad in front of the Veteran’s Quilt that was made and gifted to him as an Army vet.


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Check out dozens of delicious summer grilling, salad and appetizer recipes on our Gabe’s Gourmet Recipe page. Exercise your independence from bland spices and use Gabe’s Original and Mama’s Mediterranean Spices on your favorite recipes!


Keep eating boldly and deliciously with more than 50 Years of Gabe’s Gourmet Goodness in every bite!




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